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This section is provided to help Leaders of Troop 93 have a documentation/guidance to aid in bringing new scouts and parents into the troop.

New scouts will enter Troop 93 from a bridging ceremony from our sister Pack. Pack 93, or join independently.

Scouts bridging will general come in numbers, 2 to 3 or as many as 12 – 14.

All new scouts must complete a scout application. The parent(s) are also encouraged to sign up as a scout leader (Committee Positions section list the many adult positions in the troop).

Joining by Bridging

The Scoutmaster usually meets with the new den a couple of months before bridging. Most of the bridging scouts will have already visited the troop. Cub scouts are encouraged to visit a troop as part of their Arrow of Light Award. This to helps them continuing their career in Boy Scouts. Prior to bridging, cub scouts will deicide to carry on with Boy Scouts and with which troop. The Den Leader will usually inform the Troop of the boys wishes.

The cub scouts usually bridge during the Blue & Gold banquet. Customarily the Scoutmaster, Senior Patrol Leader and the new Patrol leader will attend. Troop 93 provides a bridge for this ceremony.
Scouts bridging from the pack should receive:

  • Troop t-shirt
  • Boy Scout Handbook
  • New green epaulet
  • Troop 93 patch
  • "Welcome to Troop 93" handout
  • New Scout Application

The next troop meeting, the bridging Cub Scouts first meeting, should be a program to help the new scouts feel welcomed (new scout skill or similar program).

A parents meeting is held where leaders are introduced, information provided and questions answered. A troop Handbook should be provided. A list of Adult positions should be made available.


Joining Individually

Any boy 11 years or older and has a belief in a supreme being can join Boy Scouting. A boy should visit with the troop (attend a scout meeting) once or twice. The parents are encouraged to talk with a couple of leaders.

Once the boy has decided to join, the troop will provide:

  • Troop T-shirt
  • Troop 93 patch
  • New Scout Application

The parents should  obtain troop information by meeting with troop leaders and receive a troop handbook.

A list of Adult positions should be made available.   The New Scout Application must be returned to the Troop before a scout may participate in campouts or other outdoor events.

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