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For many years, Harold Boone, Scoutmaster from 1947 to 1985, presented an award to the young man judged by the adult leaders to best exemplify the image and spirit of Scouting.  This award is being presented in 1993 after many dormant years.  It will be presented yearly at the February Court of Honor.  Selection will be by the adult leaders of the Troop.  The scout receiving the award will be one who conscientiously strives to live by the Scout Law and Motto. He will be a young man who is committed to Troop goals and programs.  Regular advancement as well as regular attendance at meetings and on outings will be hallmarks of the honor scout.  He will provide leadership and demonstrate good judgment in the performance of his troop duties.  The honor scout will be neat in appearance and will wear his scout uniform appropriately and with pride.  The recipient of this award will demonstrate a quest for knowledge and a commitment to community service.  He will serve as a role model for others and will represent what is right about America.  He will be the Troop 93 Honor Scout.

1993                 Christopher George
1994                 Leighton Kremer
1995                 Joey Allabach and James A.(Rooney) Quillen
1996                 Lane Farrell
1997                 Philip Munn
1998                 David Goodman
1999                 Stuart Mason and Greg Lemaster
2001                 Keith Jeremiah
2002                 Edward Davis
2004                 Andrew Munn
2005                 Michael Raymond and Jon Lorbacher
2006                 Evan Munn
2007                 Christian Campbell
2008                 Weston Greene
2009                 Garrett Tripp
2010                 Brian Owens
2011                 Connor Tripp


Harold Boone both led and served Boy Scout Troop 93 from 1947 to 1985.  During his 38 years as a Scout leader, he touched the lives of hundreds of boys and other adult leaders with his calm but sure knowledge of the difference between right and wrong.  Through the example of the way he lived and enjoyed life, and through his ability to transfer knowledge and teach new skills, Harold Boone transformed many immature boys into outstanding young men.  These young men became middle-aged adults making major contributions to society and continued sharing with others the wisdom passed on to them by Mr. Boone.  The legacy of such an outstanding leader passes from generation to generation and makes life just a little better for all who are influenced by it.

The Harold Boone award, presented for the first time on February 10, 1993 is to honor and remember the 38 years of service he gave to Boy Scout Troop 93.  It is presented at the February Court of Honor each year to recognize the troop adult leader or adult in the community who through his/her service to the Troop exemplifies, in some significant way, the Scouting Spirit that was so clearly demonstrated by Harold Boone.      

1993                 Randall Goodman
1994                 James K. Quillen
1995                 Debbie George and Annette Kremer
1996                 Tommy George
1997                 George Cooper             
1998                 Renny Kremer and William Browder
1999                 Robert Partin
2001                 Roger Dixon
2002                 Max Cotten
2005                 Ed Davis and David Bryant
2006                 Bruce Raymond
2007                 Richard Waite
2008                 Paul Messick
2009                 Miriam Tripp and Dan Owens
2010                 Karen Beaton
2011                 Leo Greene


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