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These are the official bylaws of Troop 93.
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According to some of the charter members of Troop 93, the troop began as a loosely organized group of Lone Scouts during the WWII years of the early 1940's.  This group seems to have merged together and collected new members to form Scout Troop 83 at New Salem Church. Dr. Mattieson served as Scoutmaster of this troop until it disbanded during the war. Members of the New Salem Church group are found on the first known charter of Troop 93.

Troop 93's first charter, dated March 17, 1947 to the Pittsboro Lion's Club, lists William L. Lancaster as the Scoutmaster, David Roberts as his assistant, and C.E. Bryan, Sr. as the Institutional Representative and Committee Chairman.  Editing marks on this charter show that Paul B. Haigwood may have been Scoutmaster at an earlier date (possibly of the New Salem Church troop).  Scout records included on this charter show 17 boys registered, some of which had been registered for more than 2 years and had already achieved Star rank.   Meetings were then held at the Pittsboro Community House on Friday nights at 7:00pm.   Later charters show Dr. John T. Hughes as Scoutmaster from March, 1948 until February, 1951.  Dr. Hughes then took a role as Explorer Advisor and later as Institutional Representative and Committee Chairman.

In 1951, the Scoutmaster's role was filled by Harry Horton, a then recent graduate of the UNC-Chapel Hill Law School.  Meetings were moved to Wednesdays at 7:30pm and have remained so even though the meeting locations were moved for many years to the Masonic Lodge then to the Pittsboro Baptist Church and finally back to the Pittsboro Community Building.   Mr. Horton served until about March, 1956.  Harold Boone, who had been a leader in the New Salem Church troop and had been an assistant to Mr. Horton for several years, served as Scoutmaster from 1956 until his death in January of 1985.  The Troop endured some difficult years from then until December of 1990.  Through these years, the Troop was held together by the leadership, guidance, and perseverance of Assistant Scoutmaster William Browder (an Eagle Scout).

In the years from 1990 until 1998, the Scoutmaster's position was filled by Thomas George (an Eagle Scout) with help from a number of active assistants and with a great deal of success.  During Mr. George’s term, the Troop was given 5 acres of land by Mr. Tom Reeves, a local dairy farmer.  This property lies on the north side of highway 64 just west of the Pittsboro town limits. With Mr. George’s administration and the construction expertise of George Cooper (a former scout in the Troop) and James Quillen, the Troop built a new building of their own. This building and the surrounding land were named the Harold Boone Scout Park in honor of the man who gave so much time and energy for so many years during the beginnings of Troop 93.  Renny Kremer, a former scout from the Troop and an Eagle Scout, served as Scoutmaster in 1998 and turned the task over to Roger Dixon from February 1999 until February 2004. Currently Randall Goodman (an eagle Scout) is the scoutmaster succeeding Roger Dixon in February 2004.

Troop 93 has an active program including: meetings every Wednesday at 7:00pm at the Harold Boone Scout Park with programs on a variety of interesting topics, camping trips virtually every month, a summer camp or two every year, one or two big trips each year of either historical or high adventure significance, and lots of fun.  These activities, along with the advancement program, are intended to enhance the education of the scouts and offer an opportunity to practice outdoor skills and leadership.

Troop 93 is proud of the scouts that make up its long, rich history.  Many have assumed important positions in the community and abroad.  Many have earned the Eagle Scout award, the highest award of Scouting.   The Troop's Eagles are listed at the end of this handbook.


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