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Russell A. Frady(Gattis) December 1962
Fred T. Hamlet July 1963
Renny Kremer November 1963
Roy David Morris January 1965
John G. Shaw September 1965
John T. Hughes February 1966
David Northcutt March 1969
Robert F. Hughes February 1971
Marshall D. Wilson February 1971
Murray Lee Dehart December 1974
David Dehart November 1975
Howard Weaver January 1979
Henry Smith October 1981
Chris Parrish July 1990
Chad Peele October 1991
Ward F. Bland June 1993
Christopher T. George June 1994
Roy Friedman, III August 1994
Matthew L. Belskie October 1994
George E. Mason April 1995
E. Lane Farrell May 1996
Kevin George September 1997
Leighton Kremer August 1998
Philip Munn October 1999
David M. Goodman June 2000
Stuart Mason July 2001
Keith Jeremiah September 2001
Greg Lemaster February 2002
William Lance Dixon September 2002
Edward Davis October 2002
James E. (Trey) Pharr January 2003
J. Matthew Goodman June 2003
Joshua Henderson April 2005
Michael Raymond November 2005
Jon Lorbacher November 2005
David Church May 2006
Andrew Munn June 2006
Reid Montgomery July 2006
Nathan Bryant August 2006
Robert McCraw January 2007
Christian Campbell July 2008
Austin Raymond July 2008
Garret Tripp March 2009
Ben Holden November 2009
M Alston Neville February 2010
Weston A Greene August 2010
Sam Holden July 12, 2011
Joshua Lorbacher July 19, 2011
Brian Owens August 9, 2011
Patrick Crutchfield November 21, 2011
Britton Tripp May 1, 2012
Connor Tripp May 1, 2012
Brady Kelly August 2012
Thomas Holden June 25, 2013
Christian Quinlan August 2013
Christopher Ward October 8, 2013
Sean Beaton December 17, 2013
Gabriel Duff February 2, 2014


And they keep on coming!


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