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Since the inception of Scouting, Troops have been subdivided into smaller groups called patrols.  This arrangement allows friendly competition within the Troop and competition inspires learning.  Each patrol in the Troop has a history and a great deal of pride.  Patrol names are carried on for the life of the Troop.  Scouts are placed in a patrol soon after joining the Troop and are encouraged to remain in that patrol until they are elected to a Troop leadership position.  Patrol names that have been used in Troop 93 include some of the names used by Baden-Powell in the first scout troop: Eagle, Grey Fox, Bear, Bobwhite and also Panther.


The Troop Committee provides guidance and support to the Scoutmaster for Troop administrative and policy matters (see Troop Committee Handbook).  Voting members of this body are appointed and include scout parents, the Scoutmaster, at least one Assistant Scoutmaster, at least one member of the Pittsboro Lion's Club, and other interested individuals from the community who support the work of Troop 93.  The Committee meets on the second Thursday of each month during the Fall, Winter and Spring.  All parents are welcome to attend these meetings whether a Committee Member or not.  Significant notes from these meetings will be published in the Troop 93 Newsletter.


Parents can provide support for Scouting activities throughout the year.  Parental involvement is exceedingly important to a successful scouting program.  All parents of Troop 93 scouts are encouraged to make a commitment to help in any way they can.  Possibilities include: giving programs at meetings, organizing games, publishing the newsletter, keeping records for competitions, helping with fundraisers, offering transportation for camping trips and other events, teaching merit badges and other skills, etc.  Parents are also encouraged to attend our camping trips.  Occasionally, the trips will involve too much activity for some parents (a 20 mile hike, rockclimbing, backpacking, etc.), but we would like to have at least a few parents on each trip.


The adult leaders of any Scout Troop are unpaid volunteers.  They pay fees and camping expenses just as the scouts do.  Often times they absorb the additional hidden expenses of a Troop trip (e.g. travel or extra equipment).  Their only compensations are the fun of participating in Scouting's activities and the pride of watching young men grow into responsible adults.  Please treat these people with respect.

Adult volunteers may or may not have sons in the Troop.  All parents are encouraged to volunteer their talents as an adult leader, a merit badge counselor, or another position for which they feel qualified.  Application forms are available from the Scoutmaster or the Advancement Chairman.


Our Troop emblem was first conceived in 1980 under the direction of the SPL of that time, Sonny Crutchfield.  The outline is, of course, Chatham County.  The fleur-de-lis, which is the universal emblem of Scouting, is located at approximately the position of the town of Pittsboro on our county map.  The date at the bottom of the emblem is the earliest complete record of a Troop Charter that could be found at that time.  A partial record from 1946 has been found.  Other related records as early as 1940 exist for Troop 83, a probable precursor of Troop 93.            

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